A great time and place! -  Dan 
We had a great time. Bunkhouse was perfect for us and caving was brilliant

Ideal accommodation -  Peter 
Your leadership (and indeed patience with such a decrepit oldie in the party) massively excelled. I'm sure that all of the lads really enjoyed the whole experience, and it will be something that stays with them forever. The bunkhouse was ideal accommodation for us.

We'll be back -  Ady 
Just to let you know we all had a great time over the weekend. Hope we left it as we found it. We're sure to be back!

A Fantastic weekend! -  Katie 
Newcastle Wilderness Medicine Society took 24 members and committee into the Yorkshire Dales for a weekend of teaching, walking and caving with Helen and Andy from Hardraw Old School Bunkhouse. The bunkhouse was comfortable, had a great social space and kitchen so was fantastic for our group. We had a lot of fun caving, it was a completely new experience for most of us and was exciting to see what was going on below the ground (only ever usually see above!). Helen and Andy led us through tunnels, dropped us down further into caves, walked us through underground streams and guided us traversing through the cave. It was challenging and thoroughly enjoyable! Big thanks to Helen and Andy for a fantastic weekend!!